I neglected this project a bit, this has several reasons, one of them simply financial, I needed to work on other things in order to have money to live …  Another reason is that I find it difficult to find a “way in”. I have pictures and some factual explanations by my Dad, the text my Grandmother wrote …. There are several books on the consequences of traumatic experiences of war and displacement that I still wish to read, but nothing has, until now, really captured my attention in a way that makes me want to dig deeper into a certain direction. I will keep on posting pictures and writing what comes to my mind, in the hope that some theme will emerge, some new aspect of the story crystallise ….

There are some many interesting aspects of the this story, factual, emotional, psychological, its relation to actual events, traumatised children, generations and nations … But I am an artist and I need to find an artistic way to deal with this, to see what it has, eventually, also to do with me, with wo I am, with my artistic practice.

Recently I have found myself tired of making the same kind of pictures over and over again and I felt a vague urge to “enlarge” my practice, to make it less personal in a way, to make it more about society then about a personal vision or aesthetic. Is that even possible? Or is it something else, that I am looking for? Maybe to involve more people in what in make? To open my work in a way. I wonder if this project, which is very personal, and also isn´t, will evolve in such a direction?

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